March 30 2018

I've jammed with the Adam Ezra Group a few times now. Always fun! This picture was taken at Daryl's House Club by Robert Simmons on March 29th. I have a couple new dates ....

April 28th Woodstock Harley Davidson with Bare Wires. This will be the first gig for the new blues rock trio with Nik Rael singing and playing bass and Jorge Pertuz playing drums.

May 5th The Loft at The Chance opening for Frank Hanon of Tesla. This is a solo acoustic show.


March 11 2018
Had a fun solo acoustic gig at The Loft on March 9 opening for Moriah Formica (The Voice) and Michael Sweet. Thanks to all my friends for coming out to the show! Thanks for the pic Dawna Cservak!

Check out this blog about the show: Honey Bee Buzz Blog

I recently wrote this tune "I'm Not Missing You" with my talented friend Larry Migliore. We had it demoed in Nashville with lead vocals by Mason Douglas. Check it out and let me know what you think!


February 6 2018


Check out this new lyric video for Carousel!!
I will be performing a solo acoustic set at The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY on Friday March 9th - opening for Michael Sweet (Stryper, Boston), Moriah Formica (The Voice) and Amanda Ayala (The Voice) - showtime 7pm. Email for tickets. Hope to see you there!


January 10 2018
We were on Live From The Chance radio show on Z93.3 today! Check out our interview and my song "Carousel" this Saturday night from 6 to 9. Thanks Carolyn and Frank Pallett. We had a blast!
I received a very nice review of "Compass " by ValleyScene. Thanks guys!
Check it out here
December 2017

After a lot of hard work, I am happy to announce that my new 11 song record "Compass" has been released! I am truly proud of it. Some very talented people helped me bring it to life. Check out the credits here.

Franco Vogt took some beautiful photos for my "Compass" project. The shots on the record, as well as the images I've redesigned this website with. Check out Franco's blog about the photo shoot here

Take a look around and please pick up my new record "Compass" on iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby!

Todd Mihan Compass


November 2017

Had a blast sitting in with Adam Ezra Group for a couple songs at Towne Crier last night! Great band and awesome people. Here's some video.




September 20 2017



July 30 2017


Hello all! My new record is coming along nicely. I recently had John Regan over to play bass on what will be the title track of my new album "Compass". Mike Hamel was also over to play bass on a few songs, and I will be having my old World On Fire bandmate play on a track hopefully in a week or so. Drums are done, I am almost done with all the vocals, the guitars are pretty much done, and I have one mix complete and just sent the second to be mixed. I am still hoping for a finished product by late September. I have also been keeping busy with my weeky Morning Jam videos. This week marked the 123rd episode! Hard to believe! Please check them all out on my Youtube Channel. See you soon!


May 6 2017

I've been busy in the studio and making great progress on the new record! Check out the studio update video below to see what I've bene up to....

April 23 2017

Studio Update ......

April 22 2017

Just wrote this song with Larry Migliore. It's called Counting Stars. The demo was done in Nashville by Gary Carter with lead vocals by Adam Cunningham. Check it out!

April 10 2017

Studio Update ......

March 20 2017

Studio Update ......

March 3 2017

Studio Update ......

Feb 20 2017

Studio Update ......

Feb 16 2017

Today marks the 100th Morning Jam episode! That means 100 straight weeks of guitar videos! This episode features Brian Doherty on drums and is a full play through of my original instrumental titled Blue Confusion. Blue Confusion will be the only instrumental on my forthcoming record. I hope to heave the record completed and released by summer 2017. My plan is to document the recording process on video. Please check out my Youtube channel for all the Morning Jam and studio update videos. Leave me a comment and subscribe!