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Wednesday April 24 @ Daryl's House Club in Pawling, NY. The show starts at 7 and is a split bill with blues rock guitarist Dave Fields.



Todd Mihan is a singer-songwriter with over 30 years of guitar experience, playing original songs including high energy country rock tracks and melodic ballads - with an emphasis on sincere, reflective and heartfelt lyrics. His new album Compass is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby. 


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My new band The Blue Confusion is now playing live!

Check out this review of Compass from ValleyScene!
Compass -  (2017)

With an abundance of outstanding guitar work and Americana-style songs, Todd Mihan delivers an excellent full-length album with his most recent offering, "Compass".

First let's get this out of the way - Todd Mihan can play the guitar. From the ultra-hooky guitar riffing in lead-off track "Carousel" to the blistering guitar solo work in such tracks as "Get Out Of The Way" and "Crazy Back", to the sensitivity of the classical guitar work in instrumental track "Firefly Anthem", Todd shows us why he is regarded as one of the premier guitarists of the Hudson Valley.

The songwriting on "Compass" is very good. Todd brushes up against country-pop, blues, rock and americana in his songs, with notable influences throughout the album. The track "Compass" reminds us of The Wallflowers while "Mess" hearkens back to Stevie Ray Vaughan or perhaps Gary Clark, Jr.. "Long Way Home" gives us a taste of Springsteen. Then we have the obvious country-pop flavor of "Get Out Of The Way" and "Crazy Back", and the album ends with the funk and blues inspired instrumental track "Blue Confusion". Vocally Todd shines with excellent harmonies throughout the CD and a voice mildly reminiscent of Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum. These influences and mixing of styles give this album a pleasant familiarity, all the while maintaining Todd's own original style and sound.

The production and performances on the album are all top-notch. All tracks are recorded and mixed well, with a slew of outstanding session players lending their talents to this release. Todd handles all of the guitars and even a mandolin on one track, as well as the bulk of the production on his own. His talent in this regard also shows in the subtle yet powerful layering of guitar and vocal tracks as well as the overall sound and arrangements of the songs. Also notable is the photography and CD artwork, with an excellent front cover photograph.

"Compass" is a great showcase of talent and craftsmanship, and if this CD is any indication of future work, then Todd Mihan has a fantastic career to look forward to.

This Album and more from Todd is available at as well as iTunes and at ALTO MUSIC WAPPINGERS!


reviewed by Mary Jane - Johnson for ValleyScene on 1-9-18